Xp network connection not updating

Posted by / 26-Oct-2020 18:42

To check your connection settings in Firefox: If clearing your cookies and cache did not enable you to load the websites that did not work in Firefox, you should check your computer for malware.

To fix it, just uncheck or uninstall these virtual network adapters from your Internet connection properties as shown in following image: To open Internet connection properties, go through STEP 1-3 as mentioned in above tutorial to change or use custom DNS server settings.Type regedit in RUN or Start search box and press Enter. First of all open Services Manager using command in RUN dialog box / search box or by using other methods as mentioned in STEP 1 of following tutorial: 2.Now scroll down and look for Function Discovery Resource Publication service service. Double-click on the entry and make sure "Automatic" is selected in Startup type drop-down box.) on it as shown in following screenshot: I double-checked the Internet connectivity and it was working absolutely fine. To investigate the issue, I checked the Network Connections folder, it was empty. It was absolutely blank as shown in following screenshot: I did lots of things to fix the issue like restarting the router, enabling/disabling network services but all in vain.At last I tried resetting network adapters configuration using Windows registry and it did the trick.

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Anyway I'm sharing the solutions here so that if anyone else faces this problem, he'll be able to fix it easily without any hard work. When you delete the key and open Network Connections folder or restart your system, Windows automatically re-creates the key.