Wow pet achievements not updating

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Wow pet achievements not updating

Others involve a progress bar and require you to do something several times — such as give out 10 hugs.

Some achievements are progressive; for example, once you complete an achievement to collect 10 vanity pets, you might next be asked to collect 25.

Two particular pets, Lil' Siege Tower and Lil' War Machine, are still Works In Progress, and their journal entry descriptions state "Placeholder".

These appear to be faction oriented miniature turrets. New Toys As mentioned above, completing the Battle on Zandalar and Kul Tiras achievement rewards a new toy.

Pet Charm Clarification Speaking of Pet Charms, Blizzard provided clarification on how the existing currency and new currency will be used in BFA. =DI finally stopped procrastinating and caught the last few pets I needed for the Rescued Fawn.

There are currently no plans for a currency conversion. Got together with some guildies last night and we were able to complete the achievement for Lagan. Still plugging along on my warlock, not really feeling any of my alts.

Also, your achievements are viewable on the Armory, allowing you to track and show off your accomplishments via the web.

Beginning with patch 3.0.2, a new button was added() in the micro menu at the center of the main action bar.

Clicking the button (or using the default keyboard shortcut "Y") opens up the achievements window.

New users cannot view the Achievements panel until they've reached level 10 on one character.

If they have at least one character with an achievement, all the other characters may access the Achievements panel.

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However, two more fun toys were added just for battle pets!

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