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Working memory updating

TY - JOURT1 - The Components of Working Memory Updating: An Experimental Decomposition and Individual Differences AU - Ecker, Ullrich K. AU - Lewandowsky, Stephan AU - Oberauer, Klaus AU - Chee, Abby E. PY - 2010/1Y1 - 2010/1N2 - Working memory updating (WMU) has been identified as a cognitive function of prime importance for everyday tasks and has also been found to be a significant predictor of higher mental abilities.

The three types of task (n-back, running, keep-track) occur one after the other across the different levels; at the highest levels they are combined to form new task variants.

Updating information is a fundamental cognitive process.

New stimuli and information from perception or long-term memory bombard us constantly and replace older versions – continuous updating is required.

These feature the methodological advancement of estimating interindividual covariation and experimental effects on mean updating measures simultaneously.

The modeling results imply that WMC is a strong predictor of WMU skills in general, although some component processes-in particular, substitution skills-were independent of WMC.

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