Whos dating rachel armstrong in summer bay

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When their houses were threatened with demolition during the Project 56 debacle Tony and Beth decided it would be a good idea to move in together and even though the plans fell through they continued with the plan and Tony and his youngest son Lucas moved in with The Hunters.Initially a PE teacher at Summer Bay High, Tony lost his job during staff cuts in Brad Armstrong’s first week as Principal but has been given a job by Amanda, running the Gym.Distraught he ended up in her caravan and after a copious amount of vodka he slept with Naomi, only to find out two days later that she was his son Lucas’s ex-lover.Vowing to keep the truth from Lucas, Tony wrote Naomi a letter only for Lucas to find it and announce the news at the dinner table to a devastated Matilda and Kit.On March 30th at 6 pm, the Open Lecture Series of the architecture faculty will be happy to present Newcastle-based architect and academic Rachel Armstrong at Kanuti Gildi SAAL (Pikk 20, Tallinn).Armstrong focusses on living architecture and believes that to improve sustainability, we should connect our buildings to the nature, not cut them off from it, and will in her lecture focus on what it means to design for a lively unpredictable world.

Armstrong has three children after using IVF with his ex-wife Kristin Richard.

However, in that episode, while Danny and Amber take a romantic getaway, Frank, who had just returned to Hawaii to reclaim her, follows them and stabs Danny, before Amber runs over him with a car, effectively killing him.

In the Season 5 episode Luapo'l, as Danny and Amber are waking up, the phone rings.

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When eventually he gave up waiting and headed the hospital he was stopped by a police roadblock at a major car crash.

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