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Mel C of the Spice Girls played Mary Magdalene and Tim Minchin of Broadway's MATILDA played Judas. Maybe it's Justin trying to distract because he's bitter Lance let out his *little* secret. JC was the perfectionist in the group if he was worried about something he might have been moody or had a fight with his girlfriend or he was feeling insecure and it made him bitchy that day. R113 It's hard for some people to understand that people might appreciate talent as well as beauty.

The implication of Lance being impressed by JC's cock is that he was unimpressed by Justin's. :) JC is very talented, he truly has an incredible voice. Very sad JCS got cancelled, the show looked like a great time and I know JC would have great as Pilate.

lol There are some concert pictures where little JC makes himself known. He's written convincing songs about having sex with women and had a mix of long-term and short-term girlfriends but where there is smoke there is often fire, one would assume he's at least bi-sexual.

It's a stereotype but he can be flamey which adds to the feeling there is fire behind the smoke. Has a girl group with songwriter/producer Jimmy Harry called Girl Radical. Some of those young women are only 11 or 12 years younger than him, but in 'Nsync they considered JC the dad, because he was responsible and took care of everyone.

One of my female friends had sex with JC like two years ago but she was upset when he wouldn't return her calls.

It's funny because in high school she was very "goth/anti-establishment" so the thought of her getting fucked by a former boybander was kind of funny.

R38 It's not from fangirls, per se, it's from groupies. Some of them were fangirls but the info was often consistent. JC was more not too big, not too small but just right. Maybe they were Podwell's early clients so they became friends. There was the other song with the simulated blow job during the dance routine. He looks like his biological mother, same eyes, smile, nose, facial shape. Might be the start of a new phase of him becoming a singer and performer again. Must be getting ready to leave for London for the rehearsals for Jesus Christ Superstar.

Some old "smoke": He has big dick face, but I think he's a bottom. He's in his 30's and still too cowardly to come out of the closet, even after Lance Bass came out, and didn't suffer any repercussions. R5 I'd love to give you a link, but stupidly, I'm too embarrassed to type it into Google. If it's because I equivocated about whether he was gay, I don't doubt he could be gay.Shorter answer: "I'm full of shit and peddle bullshit on the Internet because I'm a loser! Even JT, who has worse features, looks better because he styles himself well, usually (don't like the ironed hair, though). One of the funniest things is that JC and Justin dress amazingly alike at times. Now that Justin is straightening his hair it's the same style as JC's except JC recently started letting his go a little wavy on top again. Don't think JC was feeling the JT love all that much in 2004. Helping his BFF Autumn throw a surprise wedding a couple weeks ago. She's been gone nearly a year, he looks back to fighting weight, started growing his hair out. That "All Day I Dream About Sex" song is a fucking abortion."I don't know or really care if he's gay but he was endearingly queeny on that MTV Dance competition show where he was a judge. I suppose JC's lack of style might be in reaction to the hideous style he (and others) displayed while in NSync.r18, I don't think JC really let himself go, its just genetics and getting older. It's a joke among the Joshtin fans, who like most slash fans have trouble telling fantasy from reality but the similar fashion photo collages can be fun. Last August JC wore a dark shirt with white dots on it, last September JT wore a dark shirt with white dots on it. Live he used to walk his fingers down his body and grab his crotch during Come to Me. He's doing something that involves himself performing, and not just a one off for a friend.I'd rather he was gay, bisexuals get no respect from either side. He decided take control of the situation so it wouldn't be taken completely out of his hands and he was in what he considered a serious and stable relationship at the time.R7, That circle of friends you mention, almost none of them are out. All the more reason for him not to come out, because it would put more of a spotlight on all of them. I don't think JC's decision has to do with being concerned with his career but with more personal reasons.

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IRL have never heard anything about attraction to females.

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  1. I used to think that I needed a specific reason to break up with someone (for example, they had to be or do something horrible) however, just because someone is a good person, doesn’t mean they’re the right person for you.