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Born July 1, 1957 in North Battleford, Saskatchewan, W. Brett Wilson is a Canadian entrepreneur and philanthropist who has a net worth of 0 million.BW: I think there is a still a misperception that prostate cancer is an older man’s disease; nothing could be further from the truth when statistics are reviewed.The other perception that a PSA of four or more is possibly bad and anything less than four is likely good is simply old school and wrong.My recurrent cancer was certainly not diagnosed as terminal, but it was indeed both very serious and very treatable.I wanted to both control the message and at the same time encourage and remind men of all ages in Canada to seek out general health check-ups — and in particular, to monitor their PSA levels and to conduct DRE’s.Brett Wilson: I appreciate the thought that I am well loved — and maybe that is why I chose to share my second cancer chapter in terms of my life journey.Initially I only shared this new challenge with close friends and family — but quickly discovered that my “secret” was being shared quite quickly and the message was getting confused a bit.

Brett also appeared to be confused about why he was there, as he talked about a business he invests in while gifting Mary with jewelry produced by said business.

"I'm generating a 20, 25 percent return on my investment," he said, words guaranteed to lead to a second date.

"I guess when you're a billionaire, it must be pretty difficult to find a gift that's not from a company that you own part of," Mary said in an interview later. He then talked about his book, which, coincidentally, he brought a copy of to give to Mary.

I am now using “tomography” to carefully deliver radiation to the areas of my body now impacted by cancer.

BW: Never underestimate the importance of family and friends who have taken the time to understand the care and attention required by someone facing cancer.

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I made the decision to have an extensive PET scan done (using the C11 isotope which globs onto prostate cancer that has metastasized elsewhere in the body — usually first in the lymph nodes and secondarily into the bones — the latter is really not good).

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