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My parents saw the talent inside of us and they supported and nurtured it.

There were no lawyers or doctors in my house and we knew early on that music is what we wanted to do, not knowing that it would be our livelihood.

We were taught that if you were faithful over a few things that God will make you a ruler of many.

So we were faithful in our church and school choirs. I encourage people to be faithful to that passion that they have.

Tonight was the final performance episode of this first season of The X Factor in the US, and what a way to end the competition.Be Be Winans: It was a phone call that I had years ago with Roberta Flack. Four days after that conversation, I went to the hotel room in Montreal and opened up my laptop and it was like a faucet had come on.I wrote the first draft of what is now “Born for This.” WL: Being a six-time Grammy Award winner is a major accomplishment.How has that type of recognition changed you for the better and what keeps you grounded and humble?BW: Our parents reared us with the understanding that we could do all things through Christ who strengthens us.

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