Who is ashley parker angel dating now

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✌" The #100Days Of Fitness challenge may be behind me now but the journey continues.It's incredible how the human body responds and transforms to even just 100 days of a consistent diet and exercise program.

This saw Ashley use Lyric in a special made all-in-one with a ring tied around his neck as part of the Proposal to Tiffany.

[ Video: Watch Ashley Parker Angel's Audition To Join One Direction!

The former O-Town singer's Instagram profile is riddled with steamy snaps of himself shirtless — or even naked — so we weren't surprised in the slightest when he decided to show off his perfectly sculpted ASSets on Thursday.

I encourage all of you to experience for yourself how rewarding it is to set your own goals and get inspired by the results.

You don't have to be a fitness model or featured in the ESPN Body Issue to be proud of your physique.

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