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White dating only

Ever since the billboard above was discovered, the social justice warriors of the Internet went into frenzy posting article after article about the inexcusable racism and how the site should be taken down.

Sam Russell, the founder of the website said in an interview with The Washington Post “The last thing I am is a racist. I help raise a young black man,” and later goes on to say “I just believe it’s hypocrisy to say ‘one group can do this, but another group can’t.” Although I think it’s funny when white people use the “I’m not racist, ONCE I did this thing with a coloured person” argument, I actually completely agree with him. When you look at all the exclusivity in dating websites out there, it gets very specific when it comes to finding traits in someone you want to hook up with or spend the rest your life with.

If you like romantic restaurants, traveling, outdoors, working out, having fun and enjoying life then we are a match already! I like to have fun when I can and always keep it discreet I'm down for just bout everything and am always open to new...

I'm looking for the chemistry that sparks the pion in me to treat you...

When it comes to physical attraction, preference doesn’t equal racist. Lovers and haters alike, let me know what you think in the comment section down below.

“OMG, you’re such a good person Ashley ❤ ;p.” No Ashley, you just know how to fool people in 140 characters or less. There are thousands of pornography sites out there with loads of categories dedicated to the wildest of things.She told the Salt Lake Tribune: 'I just thought it was kind of strange they would put it in Utah. So you're going to put up billboards here so you can meet other white singles?Every day you can meet white singles.'If it were some type of a hate group that was putting these billboards up, we would take a closer look at the actual target.I know the topic of race is a sensitive and there are a lot of problems regarding racism in the world today. A part from the pages worth of questionnaires dating sites require, there are already sites out there that are geared towards satisfying exclusive needs.There is if you who want to date specifically Jewish people.

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Before if you wanted to meet exclusively white singles, you’d have to go to places like a Michael Buble concert, a Trump rally, Abercrombie and Fitch, anywhere they sell juice, or Virginia.