What to ask girls online dating

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What to ask girls online dating

When I am on a date with a girl I want to find out if she is empathic.

The last thing I want is to date a logical and cold-hearted robot.

If I would want that I could have stayed in Germany.

whenever you meet a girl who would literally kill herself because of a freaking TV show.

That doesn’t mean that I want her to believe the same things as I believe.

All I want is that she is open to it and that she doesn’t judge me for being the weirdo that I am.

If you meet a special girl who is really important to you, you want to be able to dig deeper than that.

I forgive you if you only scratch on the surface when you talk to someone you don’t spend more than 24 hours with, but if you meet a girl who you really care about, scratching on the surface is the biggest mistake you can possibly make.

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