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Webcam petsex

people who say they have sex with dogs only because they cant get a GF are just zoophiles in denial. Either way,she doesn't want to do anything like that with you so LEAVE HER ALONE JACKASS. The type of scum that gets dressed up in their little camouflage get up and goes out to blast some holes in a rabbit,raccoon,deer,cougar,wolf. You might want to go to the FAQ area,under "just who is this 8chan person anyway? But female animals enjoying themselves with humans?you cant get a boner if it doesnt turn you on and you cant fuck without a boner so theres obviously some kind of attraction there.8430I respect your opinion greatly. Too bad that "instant karma" isn't an actual force in nature-what you do onto another would be instantly done to you. "It states:8works with US law enforcement to help arrest people who have admitted to crimes on 8 Any interest I have in zoophilia is purely for entertainment purposes only. Why,if you were to visit me here,at my home,ugh,wherever that is,you would only find spent ammo casings,empty beer cans,and the bones of the animals that I "respect",that I am the "steward" of,that I have "harvested" over the years. Commit the ghastly horrific crime of consensual physical pleasure with another species!? I get that bitches are mostly passive during sex, but even then it's just so rare.Even if I could own one, what kind of life would she have? Dog daycare is about as much as the price of rent, I have no money for this. Two ways to deal with evil people:1 try to convince them of the error of their ways and convert them to good. I hate how most of petlust is just basically guys masturbating with living fleshlights. It's cold, calculated sexual exploitation of animals. Actually, i think most dogs were nervous because of the all weird people and things around and not from the sex. Regular animal actors are exploited too, as well as farm animals, working dogs etc.

forget his name, guy on a forum I refuse to link.361look for a guy called dixiedoglover on gaybeast, his vids prove bitches enjoy sex. personally I would never fuck anything smaller than a kuvasz, but probably anything from a great pyrenees on up would be good for most guys. Why is there just talk going on about some random faggot and not about horny bitches in heat getting their treats from thick, long cocks? Besides, it is also challenging to really say with definition if she is enjoying it, unlike when inside her vagina.648Agreed.

I can appreciate the realism on some level since, you know, that's what a lot of zoos are, but definitely not on the level where 2568What gets me is the arrogance zoos display with respect to [the lack of] knowledge about the medical implications of sexual contact.

It gets ingrained when you welcome in-training zoo vets who think they know everything, and old timers who fucked everything that moved for 40 years and were in good health. Don't give me that shit that you "know" there are almost no zoonosis, it's the exact same medical dogma that got me into a situation where suicide was the only cure.

It's why dogs have so many easily fixable behavior "problems"; owners don't spend nearly enough time with the dogs or exercise the dogs or just generally form a proper human-animal bond with the dogs. I mean that all dogs are always in submissive position to their owners, and it's a natural thing for them too.

So i don't think that sometimes ordering a dog to do what she doesn't want to is such a terrible thing.9350You are correct.

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You are 100% right that dogs are dependent on people in this modern world, a wold where peoples "free time" is increasingly taken up by frivolous things and jobs that take away time to look after a dog. I so wanted to see her attack that little blubbery jackass. Maybe you should think twice about posting things here. Most of their movies are not as bad as you're trying to make them look.

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