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Vba screen updating off excel

I would like the queries to be invisible while they are running, but currently the user sees 50 query windows open/close which is ugly.Is there a way to automatically minimize/hide query windows or disable screen update?Ed Sorry, looks like it's as simple as Application. Here is a clip from a good help page by Tony D'Ambra.The url is Ed : Resize Form Controls You can use the Inside Height and Inside Width properties of an Access form to dynamically resize controls at run-time.You can now choose when you want to update your formulas on the spreadsheet.

Regards, jon [font=Verdana][size=2]You should not have to do all that.A form's Resize event as well as firing when a user resizes a form, also fires when a form is loaded.For example, this code will resize a sub-form within a resized form: [font=Verdana][size=2]You should not have to do all that.Everyone I have talked to has advised me to avoid using macros when possible.Ed Disabling the screen in Access is the same as in Excel. Instead of using a macro, link your button to a subroutine and execute the queries from there.

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