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2) my datastructure: works fine in the constructor 3) where I call fire Table Data Changed(): doesn't seem to matter if i can from within class or from the JTable object, still doesn't work. Actually you shouldn't have to call fire XXX() methods directly. A few things to look for: * If the data values are not the right type, you won't get an update, but you should see an exception * Is the table in edit mode? I could put it practiaclly anywhere and it wont update my view. Since the delegation to update the view should be provided as long as you call firetabledatachanged() within the table model implementation. 4) what i am storing: i am storing vectors of objects that are really strings(maybe cant update table with this object type?

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Values can be fixed (column is shown always), visible (column is shown as default) and hidden (column is hidden as default). You can get people who are living in city 2 and whose name is Halil like shown above.

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