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Note In this entry, it's loosely assumed that you're using Doctrine as your database store. Propel or just a database connection), it's all very similar.

There are only a few parts of this tutorial that really care about "persistence".

So, while editing existing tags will work great, your user can't actually add any new tags yet.

Caution In this entry, you embed only one collection, but you are not limited to this.

This is something that should work in Flex, but it is not because of some internal bug. Sometimes it would update the Combo Box whenever a new item was added, and sometimes it would not. There are many posts about this, but the short solution I tried was to just use an Array Collection() instead of an Array() as my binded source.

Also, whenever I updated the Array Collection, I called the “refresh()” method for the Array Collection and also called the “validate()” method for the combobox.

Once the view has the collection, there aren’t any new notifications or events unless an item is added or removed.I have beed searching for a way to only update the (Array Collection) that I am using but with no Luck.the following is a snapshot of some of the basic code that I am using Thanks for the Advice.Previously you added two tags to your form in the controller.Now let the user add as many tag forms as they need directly in the browser. The first thing you need to do is to let the form collection know that it will receive an unknown number of tags.

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The XML file does not retrun the states of all the players every time I call it, it only returns information about the players that have changes in their states (won or lost).