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Twin flame dating someone else

The thing is; the co-dependency of this kind of unrealistic “love” keeps us from growing into a whole person, whereas true love is the acceptance of the fact that our lover is not perfect and neither are we.

When we truly love someone we understand that each of us needs to grow, and that we can be catalysts for each other’s growth.

In trying to meet our partner’s expectations we take on roles for fear that we will disappoint them or that love will be withdrawn if we show them the real us.

Sadly, by the time we awaken from this dream, we find ourselves in a loveless relationship, unrecognizable to ourself, with yet another mask, yet another layer hiding the real us; or perhaps already in middle of a bitter divorce or separation, wondering what went wrong.

A few weeks after our reunion in 2005 my twin told me he did not feel romantic love towards me.

My heart sank since I had always known we were somehow meant to be “together”, and I knew of no other way to be with a man whom I loved and desired.

This person seems to match and understand us down to our deepest core and we simply KNOW that we are meant to be together.A physical union, if such has been planned, will only happen once both souls are ready – and this may be months, years, even decades down the line and may require a lot of patience, preparation and work! After a brief reunion with my twin flame after 3 years of running, we both tried to define and make sense of what we felt – and didn’t feel – for each other by trying to fit our connection it into a pre-labeled box of friend, lover, future partner etc.Unfortunately translating the Twin Flame connection into earthly terms proves impossible since it will not fit any preconceived notions regarding love and ideal partners.As human beings, we are born with an innate need to belong, to be loved and to find our own place in this world.This search for a deeper connection and belonging sparks in us the remembrance of our true spiritual nature through experiences of love and connection with something greater than us.

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On top of this, our definition of love is often based on previous experiences and fantasies of romantic Hollywood type “falling in love” associated with games of seduction, lustful sex and romantic gestures leading into a “happy ever after”.

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