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Traditions that need updating

As royal newlyweds leave the wedding ceremony they take a ride to the reception in a horse-drawn carriage.

The British royal family rides in the State Landau, a 1902 gilded open carriage.

The Zulu traditional wedding ceremony , or Umabo, usually takes place after a white wedding.

This follows the dowry ceremony, lobola, the bringing of gifts for the bride’s mother and close family, or Izibizo and Umbondo, where the bride brings different household groceries for her soon-to-be family.

The wedding climaxes as the groom picks up his wife in a dance and music-filled procession as they head to their new home.

From the Kunene Region of Northern Namibia, The Himba people “kidnap” the bride before her big day, only to work on wardrobe and have her dressed in a pure leather headdress called an okori.

Marriage in the Maasai Tribe consists of a tedious process of courtship.

After the ceremony, the groom’s family plasters the bride in butterfat ointment, marking her acceptance into the family.

While the bride attends the Henna party the night before the wedding, the men do the Kirumbizi, a fighting dance usually performed to the music of drums and a flute.

This is followed by the Nikah, the vows ceremony, after which the groom gets invited to a luncheon called the Walima.

This special garment gets be worn by all the married women during the wedding ceremony, and it represents a mother being surrounded by children.

On the wedding day, the groom will then perform a ceremony in honor of his wife, giving her credit for all she has done in their time together.

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The wedding day is characterized by recitals of Quranic verses, white caftans, matching jewelry, food, dance and, of course, music.

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