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In Latin chronicles dating back to the tenth century, there are colorful origin myths of the Hungarians "conquering" and occupying the Carpathian Basin and their conversion to Christianity under King Stephen.

Many Hungarians consider their nation "the final fortress of Western Christianity and civilized Europe." National Identity.

The largest minority is the Roma, who make up about 5 percent of the population, numbering approximately 500,000.

The second largest minority are the Germans, who number an estimated 170,000.

It can be summarized as "we are all alone" and is based on historical reasons and the "otherness" of the language and the origins of Hungarians.

While the consciousness of "we are all alone" was dormant during the socialist period (1948–1989), it still remained a recognizable and crucial part of the national identity. There is evidence that the Hungarian nation was a unit in the Middle Ages.

In 1526, a young Hungarian king fell in a battle with the Ottoman Turks.

Even though the kingdom of Hungary ceased to exist in 1918, the crown continues to hold deeply meaningful national significance.

The gigantic painting entitled "The Arrival of the Hungarians" is another national symbol.

Feszty originally painted it for the millennial celebration (1896).

With this accord, the Austro-Hungarian monarchy was established.

The Austro-Hungarian monarchy ended after World War I.

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