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Whats WORSE and MORE ANNOYING is the LATENT worship of Violet after they realized JUST HOW GOOD SHE WAS ONCE THEY SAW BOB and Im sitting here with my fists clenched screaming YOU IDIOTS THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT?!?!?! To me alien proportions and snowgress fantasies trump “classic fashion perfection”. Chi Chi De Vayne : Chi Chi Devayne is THE SPIRIT OF DRAG.

Same reason as to why Jackie Beat isnt on tv, too sour for tv, but thats ok. If this was a BIOLOGICAL female make-up challenge Fame would be the best, but DRAG MAKE UP is a VERY different art form.

THEN Nina got CURSED with being paired with RAVING MAD WOMAN TAMMIE BROWN and ROLLED WITH IT without complaint.

I kinda hate dreads, Id lie and not say it to sound cool but there just unsavory to me. thats what I smell when I see them in my minds eye. Why do you deliberately choose to be kinda not so clean? Nina endured that entire CONFLAMA of SEASON 1 and DIDNT EVEN GET THE PALTRY 10k she deserved?!

Chartreuse has to be third in the I CAN NEVER LOOK CLASSY color contest. HERES A TIP PEOPLE, dont try and copy the most amazing well made dress in the world that cost 300k to make and 900 years of 900 year old Parisian couturiers to make. If youre going to copy something also make sure said reference has a TEENSY bit of wiggly room for either styling OR improvement. Im sorry but thats NOT something to make apologies for and its CERTAINLY not something you need to change.

The nose job girl just reminds me of a baby bird but she's NOT AS BAD as I thought. Nobody should have to dumb themselves down for the masses and Violet has not.

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Speaking of YELLING RETARDED PEOPLE one time my husband and I were in Miami and we bought BAD PILLS (is there any other kind in Miami) and were TWACKED OUT ASSHOLES and ran into her and we COULD NOT SHUT THE FUCK UP and she was SO TOLERANT, AND SO NICE, AND SO UNBOTHERED that we almost wondered if we PASSED FOR SANE.

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