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Susan bozic the dating portfolio

Curator: Sabine Bitter Editors: Sabine Bitter and Antoni Muntadas Production, Text Editing, Transcription, Design: Line Books Alpine Anatomy: The Mountain Art of Arnold Shives Edited by Bill Jeffries, Darrin Martens and Glenn Woodsworth Date: 2012 Price: .95 Co-Published by: Simon Fraser University Gallery, Burnaby Art Gallery and Tricouni Press Size: 9 ½” x 11” Length: 128 pp Hardcover, perfect-bound, colour This book was published on the occasion of two exhibitions of Arnold Shives’ art: Community Spotlight: The Artwork of Arnold Shives at the Burnaby Art Gallery from May 24 to June 26, 2011 and Mountain Imprints at the SFU’s Teck Gallery from July 20 to August 30, 2012, which was comprised of fourteen Shives prints drawn from the collection of the Burnaby Art Gallery.

Andrea Actis, Derek Beaulieu, Rebecca Brown, Louis Cabri, Sarah Dowling, Oana Avasilichioaei, Stephen Collis, Michael Maranda/Parasitic Ventures Press, Angela Rawlings, Mary Ruefle, Jennifer Borges Foster, Erín Moure, Aaron Vidaver, Nick Thurston, Susan Schuppli, Kristina Lee Podesva and Alexandra Dipple.

This publication unfolds the formal and conceptual inheritances that are operative in Syms' practice.

A new text by Christina Sharpe offers a close reading of the visual and aural gestures in the exhibition; a transcriptions of Syms' performative lecture, Misdirected Kiss, cites a range of borrowed artistic, literary and theoretical references for further study; and a poetic text by artist Diamond Stingily expresses her own familial inheritances and illustrate Syms' relational and dialogic methodology.

The questions raised by Morrison’s exhibitions not only address historical and social narratives put forward by our institutions, but also the larger aesthetics and complexities of cultural identification.

Curators: Jennifer Cane and Melanie O’Brian Copy editing: Mandy Ginson Design: Stacey Noyes, Luz Form Design Printer: Hemlock Press Samuel Roy-Bois: Not a new world, just an old trick Edited by Melanie O'Brian Date: 2015 Price: Publishers: SFU Galleries, Carleton University Art Gallery and Oakville Galleries Size: 8 3/4"x 10 3/4" Length: 111 pp Hardcover, perfect bound, colour Samuel Roy-Bois: Not a new world, just an old trick is a catalogue co-published by SFU Galleries, Carleton University Art Gallery and Oakville Galleries and includes essays by Adrian Blackwell and Kathleen Ritter that consider ideas and topics related to Roy-Bois' 2013 work of the same name.

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Roy-Bois' travelling exhibition consisted of a large-scale model for an imaginary building that connotes an idea of the art gallery or museum while simultaneously acting as climbable furniture.

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