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It doesn’t matter if you’ve been asked to clean the teaspoons in the kitchen, sweep the floor, whatever, as part of your role at the bottom of the ladder.” –Jen Stirrup “First of all – the absolute best advice I can share is to be part of the revenue stream.

If you are in IT at a hospital or bank or retailer it’s surely important…

So pick something relevant but something you love as well.

In my history, it’s been drawing, 3D animation, photography, assembler programming, open source, CQRS/ES, .

To remain sane: have your own pet project that you do just for yourself.

This also helps getting better.” –Bertrand Le Roy “You know who else shows up at User Groups and Code Camps? And don’t be afraid to introduce yourself as a developer looking for work when the leader goes around the room.” -John Dunagan “Never believe the “job requirements” when applying. If a future team member is being a jerk while interviewing you, chances are he will continue to be a jerk after you take the job. If you are part of an underrepresented group it is your responbility to send the elevator back down once you make it. If after 3-4 rounds of interviews the company still has not made a decison and is making you wait an unreasonable amout of time, it’s time to move on.

Ask for feedback from every interview you do and keep a notebook of parts you think went well and parts that didn’t. Use the blog as a journal of important skills you are learning.

-Rachel Appel General Career Advice “Google/Bing yourself from an inprivate/incognito session and see what comes up.

I recommend that young men have some women as mentors and that young women have some men as mentors.

Find someone who is different than you, so that you can widen your perspective -Rachel Appel Sharpen those tech Skills “Obsess about something that will make you stand out.

Anytime I needed to master anything, it took dedication.

The second piece of advice would be to always stay true to yourself… You can’t fake it all the time and people HATE liars. -Bill Zentmayer, manager at Microsoft “At the beginning of your career, or even at the beginning of most new jobs, you are going to be completely useless, and that’s OK.

try to be in a role that you really enjoy – even if it’s not the tops in pay. It’s your job to learn as much as you can, and over time, you will become more useful.

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They roll that sucker out Friday afternoon to keep you working late.