Sister brother dating 100 free one on one adult video chat

Posted by / 12-Sep-2020 08:54

Sister brother dating

You can tell her how you really feel about the situation, but don't expect to get the result you want. If both families think its strange then you should let your parents or his say something.

A week or so ago she called me wanting my doctors number so she can get birth control(she just moved here) then today she calls and needs to talk to me about something in person....Just because your having a baby with his brother doesn't make them related.And how else do you get to know someone other than hanging out with them? As far as telling her I think it would be a little different if you and bf were married?Please don't think I am being rude but I am truly baffled that your family thinks that two sisters dating two brothers from a different family is weird...don't get it.sorry you can not control her or her actions especially if she is of age and you can not tell or control him either so it seems you are stuck with their 'relationship' till they break up or they may/may not continue and have a long time relationship.

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I think your taking it way to personal if she is happy let her be!! :) just be happy with your Lil family if you can't be happy for her and if she is pregnant be there for her she is your a sister!