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Stanford is located in northern Silicon Valley near Palo Alto, California.

The University's academic departments are organized into seven schools, with several other holdings, such as laboratories and nature reserves, located outside the main campus.

Eliot replied that he should found a university and an endowment of million would suffice (in 1884 dollars; about 1 million today).

The university's Founding Grant of Endowment from the Stanfords was issued in November 1885.

shall have the power and it shall be their duty: Though the trustees are in overall charge of the university, Leland and Jane Stanford as Founders retained great control until their deaths.

Despite the duty to have a co-educational institution in 1899 Jane Stanford, the remaining Founder, added to the Founding Grant the legal requirement that "the number of women attending the University as students shall at no time ever exceed five hundred".

She feared the large numbers of women entering would lead the school to become "the Vassar of the West" and felt that would not be an appropriate memorial for her son.

As of 2014 the undergraduate enrollment is split nearly evenly between the sexes (47.2% women, 52.8% men), though males outnumber females (38.2% women, 61.8% men) at the graduate level.

In the same petition they also removed the prohibition of sectarian worship on campus (previous only non-denominational Christian worship in Stanford Memorial Church was permitted).

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In 1933 the requirement was reinterpreted by the trustees to specify an undergraduate male:female ratio of 3:1.