Shy around guys dating dating vintage fender pots

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Shy around guys dating

She may even be socially popular, for lack of a better word.But when she first meets you, she comes off every bit as shy as the woman described above. Well, she’s only shy until she knows she can trust you and believes you actually like her.For us as guys, shyness really is the proverbial kiss of death when it comes to success with women.Sure, you might hear from certain women here and there that shy men are cute or endearing.

You’ve got to know the difference and how to handle each.The key to identifying this kind of shyness is consistency.That is, both her personality and every other social appearance indicate she’s not only shy around you, but she’s also shy around most everyone.Meanwhile, women are almost more attractive when they’re shy…at least sometimes.The only conclusion that can be drawn here is there’s most likely been a woman (or six) in your life who you viewed as shy but who became even more intriguing and desirable to you for that very reason.

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If you’re like most guys, her apparent shyness made it even more difficult to approach her, and certainly tougher for her to talk to you even if you did. If you abhor the prospect of confronting an awkward silence when talking to women, then it would be easy to dread the worst-case scenario there.

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