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Unfortunately, as with most lightly moderated solutions, there is room for abuse, misuse, or misrepresentation.In my own personal experience, I have lost count of the number of times I was approached by a Male suggesting he was "The One" who could satisfy me enough so that I would "Switch Teams." Honestly now, do you really think I would give up the life of a Lesbian for the "Last Chicken in the Shop? In addition, there are those religious fanatics who seem to feel it is their "God Given Mission" To convert the "Heathen Lesbians" And you thought the "Last Chicken in the Shop" was bad.The second thing I noticed was a whole wack-o-pics of "members" from my area.So I logged onto a VPN in Vancouver and noticed the same "members" were suddenly living in Vancouver.There are, however, a few COMPLETELY FREE Lesbian Dating sites to be found.

More often than not, these cancellation requests are lost and your credit card is subsequently billed for a out there.

Remember, you will NOT be asked for a credit card number or be required to pay ANYTHING for your Lesbian Lexicon membership.

If someone tries to get you to pay for a membership to Lesbian Lexicon they are scamming you.

Beyond that, these websites would then sell your contact information to other .

These memberships usually last about 3 days which typically gives you the chance to browse through the profiles of Members whose 3 Day "Free Trial" has expired.

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In order to activate your FREE PROFILE at Lesbian Lexicon, you will need to click on the link in that Email. If you do not receive a verification Email within 15 minutes, please contact Leslie I've been told to get to the point, so I will : Welcome to what, in just over a year, has become the premiere online meeting place for Lesbians around the world.