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'Maybe one, two days after Yom Kippur I returned John's call,' says Roger. " and he said, "Well, it actually went quite well."'The painting was in fact one of Rembrandt's earliest works and part of a lost series on the five senses from the early 1600s.

It's official title is 'The Unconscious Patient (An Allegory of the Sense of Smell)'.

Marriage and couples counseling ( aka couples therapy) is an educational experience that emphasizes self-exploration, self-revelation, and the acquisition of interactive skills, which promote mutual understanding, recognition, respect, appreciation of your partner, and the ability to fulfil your own as well as your partner's expectations in marriage.

Other goals of relationship help include learning, developing, and practicing in session with Dr.

"In marriage, or relationship counseling, for married and unmarried couples, Dr.

Gross has a highly developed training program to help couples improve their communication on an emotional level as well as on an intellectual level, and grow in their ablity to listen and understand their spouse's point of view, and his/her reasons for taking that position.

This program is particularly helpful with couples who argue futilely, escalate into fights, or, to protect themselves, withdraw during arguments/fights without resloving their differences, or have become so discouraged that they have virtually stopped communicating altogether about personal relationship issues, or any other sensitive matter and live a roomate type of existence. Gross will teach you constructive communication skills, which will enable you and your partner to explore problems as a team and come up with solutions that meet both of your needs.

Like the three brothers, their grandfather also had no idea of the value of the painting and had unknowingly purchased the 'Sense of Smell' from an equally clueless seller at an estate auction before the Depression in the 1930s.

The painting by the Dutch Master has now become an all-time favorite work of art for the family.'It's one of Rembrandt's best! A painting that had given the Landau brothers the creeps at family gatherings was in fact worth a fortune and the family had it in their home the entire time.

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