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So Barry decided to be a Good Samaritan, and gave Cummins money, gas and directions to the commune.

'I put some gas in his car and gave him dollars and said if it doesn’t work come back I’ll feed you, you know what I mean? Cummins and Elizabeth did in fact make it to the commune, where they spent 10 days sleeping on a filthy mattress in the attic of a communal building.

Barry, who is originally from Nashville, said he let the couple stay in the cabin in exchange for work and realized who the two were when a neighbor showed him a picture of Elizabeth's missing person poster.

That's when it all came together for Barry and he called to tip off police.

'I came out here on a prayer and people helped me out and got me on my feet and hopefully I can pass it on.'On Thursday, Cummins' wife claimed he had admitted he's slept with the teen and begged her forgiveness after he was caught.

Jill Cummins, who filed for divorce from Tad Cummins after he ran off with Elizabeth Thomas five weeks ago, said her husband made the confession during a phone call from jail.

The couple, claiming to be 38 and 24 years old, had run out of gas and Cummins told a sad story about how they lost all of their possessions in a house fire in Colorado and didn't have any money left.But the members of the nudist colony sensed something was off with the two and decided against letting them into the group permanently.After getting kicked out of the commune, Cummins and Thomas returned to Cecilville on April 18, and Barry offered to let them sleep in one of his unfinished cabins in exchange for work.'In my head I'm thinking he had a house fire and lost everything,' Barry said.The Tennessee teacher who went on the run with his 15-year-old student for more than a month spent part of the time feeding the pair with wildflowers, the girl's family attorney has revealed.Elizabeth Thomas lost a significant amount of weight while holed up in a Cecilville, California cabin with teacher Tad Cummins, 50, and has been left 'very, very fragile' by the ordeal, Thomas family attorney Jason Whatley says.

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Once across the border, he may have been planning to take her even further in to South America, they said.

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