Same sex dating toronto

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Same sex dating toronto

PART TWO: SCHOOL Part Two turns to Surrey, British Columbia in the mid 1990s.In April 1997 a teacher with the Surrey board of Education in B.Interviewees in Part Two include: Joe Arvay, counsel for the Surrey case representing James Chamberlain and the B. Teachers Federation; James Chamberlain and Donelda Henderson, teachers from the Surrey Board; David Chudnovsky, former B. Teachers Federation President; Kim Forester, a lesbian mother with two boys in the Surrey school who filed a human rights case against the Surrey Board and Lorraine Weir, literary theorist and an expert witness in the Surrey Board case.

PART ONE : FAMILY Part One looks at the debate on Bill 167 in the Ontario legislature in June 1994.

Their efforts contributed to the strength and maturity of the movement.

Part Three focuses on the establishment and work of Asian Community AIDS Services and the Black Coalition for AIDS Prevention and their work at countering homophobia within ethno-racial communities in Canada on the one hand, and racism within queer organizations on the other hand.

Director Nancy Nicol has brought together a rich resource of interview and archival materials on key events across Canada.

The result is a feature documentary, edited in five parts to facilitate use of the work for educational use.

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