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Important for its association with late-19th century suburban development adjacent to Charlottesville, the North Belmont Neighborhood Historic District covers about 75 acres located in the southeastern part of the city.

The Belmont Land Company and the Charlottesville Land Corporation developed the neighborhood beginning in 1891 and through the early 20th century.

Prominent in Richmond’s social and civic affairs, Williams was the successful manager of the Allen & Ginter branch of the Liggett and Myers Tobacco Company (later, American Tobacco Company).

Kenwyn, one of the first houses built in Westhampton’s Paxton neighborhood, sat just beyond the city limits at the time of its completion in the Henrico County countryside.

Lee’s army rested on May 23-26, 1864 while Lee’s forces faced Union Gen. The church and cemetery are significant to the history and growth of the black community in the White Oak area after the Civil War and through the eras of Reconstruction, Jim Crow, and Civil Rights.The Little River UDC Jefferson Davis Highway Marker is located five miles north of Ashland in Hanover County along U. A nationwide memorial project of the UDC, the Jefferson Davis Highway began in 1913 and continued until 1947 when the highway’s terminal marker was placed in Arlington.Stretching to San Diego, California, the Davis highway was a southern counterpoint to the nation-spanning Lincoln Highway.The district’s period of significance stretches from around 1820, when Belmont Mansion was constructed, to 1960, when a new bridge opened in the district and significantly altered connections between the largely residential area and the business section of the district.Containing 392 contributing resources, the district retains its character-defining architecture and exhibits and overall appearance of historical integrity.

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