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Seriously, have you ever heard of a glich or even techinal malware you stupid ass.

Anyways, I just forgot about it and said whatever, if this company wants to be this complicated over a stupid color then FINE, after I receive my product I just wont order from them again! actually going to Kiev and the women refusing to meet him is all the evidence you need, it's as clean cut as you can get.

LONG BEHOLD, I got my palette and ITS MISSING ONE pan. I called again and a different lady told me that "their system DOESNT RECOGNIZE when I order TWO same color to send out at the same time" ARE YOU BEING SERIOUS. WHY THE HELL YOU GUYS GONNA TREAT YOUR CUSTOMER LIKE THIS?! proved irrefutably and its sister companies are 100% legal scams. Unsuspecting men are basically saying to Anastasia, Amolatina, rob me crying out loud without opening your door or walking down the street.

Every female who signs up to be on the websites signs off on an agreement that holds the website operators/owners blameless. Every penny the man spends on the website chatting or buying the female a gift, the woman gets a percentage..the women on this site get paid to keep you talking for as long as they can as you get charged by the minute they also send you letters which if you open you get charged if you reply you get charged if you open a photo atatched you get charged, you cant exchange phone numbers or emails they are auto deleted the only way this can be done if you send a gift which you of course have to buy, once you pass your personal details on you wont here from the person you been talking to and spending all your time and money with, its a total rip off dont be fooled like i was I will repeat what has been said, but this is my personal experience: - Heavy charges to your credit card start immediately, without a warning or attempt for your consent - The e-mails are computer genreated and sent at random. I tried to chat with a lady that has presumably sent me an e-mail, but she basically said "Who are you? First of all they finally say they are doing a background check on me . I then clear things up with her & now a total of 2 months have passed & I have nothing to show for my money . One time they said the president would look at this . I am 66 and posted no photo there, getting about 50 letters a day showing interest in me, 18 to 25 mostly as I indicated in my profile that is what I like . When it came time to exchange personal details is where this site starts stealing from you . My lady then though she was being ignored which created another problem .Also seen reviews from persons who use Joe Blow or Wan URUS$ as their names and they do receive many letters of interest from girls there, indicating that the website automated chat or letter generator is not smart enough to distinguish a real name from a joke one. If you're looking for a woman in America, go to, or or any of the others. that they love your pictures even though you never uploded any yet. I really like many people I met in my three trips to Odessa and plan to return for vacations but, I will not put any more money into the hands of the agencies who use the women as much as they take advantage of the lonely men looking for love. changed their rules so that any monetary credit you may have is forfeited to them if not spent within one year of payment to them. If you give them money and then carry a balance over 1 year, forget about getting anything from them.Why do the girls come on chat saying they will be in your country soon, They always word it as "coming to your country soon". Its very suspicious especially since the girls that say this all look the same/ I have been a non-paying member for a long time but joined yesterday. What young women in her right mind wants an old man for a husband. And even worse : You get a lot of messages saying someone like your profile, even though there are 0, excatly 0, people who have seen your profile. This site is like Disney World for dating.......99.9% illusion. This site is a SCAMMER website that is getting anyway with fraud, deception to defraud customers of money and using FEMBOTS to fool customers into believing their is someone live on the other end!

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Website says they have scam department Note, they do a very poor job..