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scammers don't honor ethical, quid pro quo agreements. Yup, I'd rather be humiliated than give in to any blackmail.

As you've rightly said, any payment would not close the issue anyway, it can only end once they carry out the threat which in this case is not a massive deal anyway. Yeah I'm still not sure how he was able to paste a list of my contact into the chat window...

Make sure you put on some nice “barely there” make up, wear inviting lingerie, do your hair, and set up the light. Let him know you wish he was by your side, how much you need his touches, kisses, his loving. Let him see how you suck on your dildo, finger, a lollipop or an ice cream. He’ll imagine how you are giving him the bj of his life.

Talk about your typical sex turn-on’s that you used to share together…Extra Tip: If you are very shy and you aren’t the most eloquent among them all, you could write a few pointers, imagine the conversation before it happens. You could also read an erotic novel, just so you see how big the force of words can be and how much words can do for your libido. We recommend you read the bestselling sex guide before he comes back, so that once you finally meet he’ll never want to be away from you again!

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Yes, Skype is used for more than just international chit chat about the weather, and now has a bit of a more intimate use. When the one that stole your heart is miles away, you don’t just miss having breakfast with him or watching movies on Friday nights – you also need him to meet your sexual needs. So, before even logging in, make sure you have a fabulous internet connection that can’t in any moment, fail. We’re afraid it might sound horrible on the other side of the camera (we mean, to your partner).

regardless of whether they post it or not, under no circumstances should you pay.

Sure they're available on Skype, but how would he get a list that could be copied and pasted?

No video post so far, but they did send me an email and try to add me on Google . This person found me on a dating app, I'm not going to lie and say it was convincing or a well executed plan but I fell for it. You're right that I should have used my brain though. The best way to deal with shit on the internet is to just pretend like you didn't see it and let it end up in the bottom of the comment pile.

When you guys start your Skype conversation, there has to be some kind of build up.

So, you don’t start by saying “Hi, are you hard yet? Start by just saying “Hi,” then remove your halter, then talk dirty… It is very important that the conversation comes off effortless – the talk isn’t what should stiff.

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No matter how real your Skype sex might seem, or how horny you might get, there will be no penetration, and imagination is the key.