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In Special Education, she joins New Directions, despite thinking Glee Club is stupid. She first appears in the episode Wheels auditioning for the Cheerios.

Really Really Slowly (Puck)Zizes (Rachel, Puck, Jacob, Quinn, Santana)Poppin' Fresh, Endangered White Rhino, Grimace, A Beautiful Person (Santana)The Angry Girl Drunk (Finn)Miss Zizes (Jacob)Noah Puckerman Jacob Ben Israel Tina Cohen-Chang Brittany Pierce Mercedes Jones Sugar Motta Joe Hart Becky Jackson Dottie Kazatori Jordan Mike Chang Rachel Berry Quinn Fabray Artie Abrams Sam Evans Kurt Hummel Santana Lopez Finn Hudson Blaine Anderson Lauren Zizes is a recurring character on Glee. She is a former member of the New Directions, on the school wrestling team, member of the Old Maid's Club and the Too Young To Be Bitter Club, ran a spying business, is an obsessed fan of the Twilight Saga, spends her Friday nights making out with her cat, and is obsessed with Will's looks in Britney/Brittany. In Season Two, she holds Puck on a short leash after "rocking his world" during an attempt at "seven minutes in heaven" which barely made it to three.

He's a fox." (A Very Glee Christmas) She joins the football team with the other girls in order to help the Glee club members on the football team.

In contrast to the other girls, she's a fairly effective football player, and is able to knock down several students of the opposing team.

(Hell-O) Rachel hires Lauren to rig hidden microphones in the choir room to prove that the rest of the glee club are not pulling their weight.

Lauren tells Rachel to pay her in Mallomars and Snickers bars.

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(Wheels) Sue rounds together a group of unpopular, lonely students to convince Rachel to date Jesse and forget about Finn, calling them the "Old Maid's Club." Lauren is a member.

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