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Play count not updating

It is then possible to control SIPp like this: You could also have a small shell script to automate a serie of action. There are many common attributes used for flow control and statistics, that can be used for all of the message commands (i.e., You can put a "next" in any command element to go to another part of the script when you are done with sending the message. In case of an optional message and if the message is actually received, it is not seen as a unexpected message.For example, this script will increase the call rate by 10 more new calls/s every 5 seconds, wait at this call rate for one minute and exit SIPp: command line option). For optional receives, the next is only taken if that message was received. You can put a "test" next to a "next" attribute to indicate that you only want to branch to the label specified with "next" if the variable specified in "test" is set (through regexp for example). When an unexpected message is received, Sipp looks if this message matches an optional message defined in the previous step of the scenario.

Another scenario that has been reported to be do-able with the 3PCC feature is the following: An extension of the 3pcc mode is implemented in SIPp.Command mode is more versatile than the hot keys, but takes more time to input some common actions.The following commands are available: You can also pause the traffic by pressing the 'p' key. SIPp will stop placing new calls and wait until all current calls go to their end. You can also force SIPp to quit immediatly by pressing the 'Q' key.Yes, there are scenarios that are embedded in SIPp executable.While you can create your own custom SIP scenarios (see how to create your own XML scenarios), a few basic (yet useful) scenarios are available in SIPp executable.

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By default this scenario simply replies with a 200 OK response.