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A friend asked me this a few days ago and I couldn’t stop thinking about it, which is why I’m here now, writing this. The thing about short girls is that it’s almost impossible to tell their age. But a grown man browsing through kid’s clothing isn’t exactly the most socially-acceptable type of behavior, and my beard doesn’t help at all with the pervy vibe. If, for example, the girl easily gets freaked out while jaywalking across a busy street, you can scoop her up no problem. When their head stops right below your chin, and you can do the forehead kissy thing anytime without needing to stand on your tiptoes…it’s great. I’ve known a lot of short girls in my time–friends, colleagues, acquaintances–so I think I have enough experience for a stable foundation. But when you’re dating a short girl, shopping at the Kid’s Section is to be expected. Now I can buy t-shirts like these: …and not look like a total pedobear while I do it. When her feet hurt from wearing unbelievably high heels, you can give her a piggyback ride without even breaking a sweat. Also, is it just me or do short girls really give the best hugs? This question’s been around for ages, and when you ask most men, they just shrug and brush it off. Look for someone who looks hot–or, in this case, adorable–during these moments. But whatever you do, don’t think that just because they look adorable that this gives you leave not to listen to them. Bonus: What you should get from the five reasons I just went through is that short girls are adorable. Short girls easily straddle that line between cute and sexy, and they offer the best of both worlds. Men don’t really think about stuff, so if they find someone attractive, they’re not gonna stop and think about why they feel that way. The question then is whether they’re gonna go after her or not. What we want to know is why guys prefer short women. No matter how cute they look, they are still angry. to go shopping for clothes at the Kid’s Section of department stores because they have really awesome designs. This is actually very helpful, especially when you’re in a tight spot. So get out there, and fall in love with a short girl. [Read: How to stop cheating for good: Let us count the ways] #5 I want nothing from you but your love.There is a difference between loving someone for what they can do for you and loving them because of who they are inside.When they are grumpy, ill-willed, or sometimes downright mean, a perk is to know you may not like them 100% of the time, but you love the essence of who they are. The biggest perk that comes with any girlfriend is the one that doesn’t have the ability to cheat.

Not because this is my written plea for dates (I am happily dating a man who tells me I am fat beautiful, and loves all the inches spilling my outsides), but because some of you might be making my fellow sisters struggle with the same sort of body image issues I had in the beginning. Goodbye calorie counting Whether you are eyeing the pot roast or want a draft beer, we aren’t counting calories – not even yours.

Just don’t be a creep and invite us to kick you in the shins. She will strap on those running shoes and will be sprinting by your side. So she brings in the fat = fit equation in her life by making up for all the hogging in the workout department. Plus, since she doesn’t starve herself either, she can hold the booze too! Noticed the number of fleshrockets wanting to drill what you got? Plus, most of us have a rib-cracking sense of humor – so we are sure splitting those flies wide open – one way or the other. Cuddly-snuggly There’s a reason baby got back got so famous.

She won’t even say no to juice cleanses once a week. You see more cushin’ for the pushin’ is always welcome.

They look for a woman who grants them unconditional love, support, and is a little less critical than girls can often be.

To supply that in a relationship is sometimes easier said than done.

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