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Nor did Milo acknowledge that the police officer who wrote the 1995 crime report had told the media that King was widely known to be “mixed” — and that he had checked “white” on the police report form because it had no “biracial” option.Milo had to be aware of this statement, since King quoted it in his post.In fact, as I have written before, it was far more of an online war in which harassment happened on both sides, and more specifically a reaction to the politicization of culture by the “social justice” left.This is not to rehash Gamer Gate but to say that I still think Milo was basically on the right side of it.(I have many issues with BLM, and I think King is a leftist hack; but that’s no excuse for hackery in writing about him.)In August 2015, Milo published a sensational story accusing King, who had described himself as the biracial son of a white woman and a black man, of being a fake: his birth certificate listed a white man as his father, and a police report on an assault he suffered in high school in 1995 gave his race as white.In a statement on interview, King said that the man on the birth certificate was not his biological father, that he had grown up believing his real father was black, and that his mother had just confirmed this.It seems even less sporting now, when Milo Yiannopoulos has suffered a swift and brutal fall after the disclosure of video and audio clips in which he appears to endorse sex between grown men and underage boys.We all know what happened: Besides getting disinvited from the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), he’s lost his 0,000 Simon & Schuster book deal and his job.

But the truth is that when cornrows on white women can be “called out” as racist and an elderly scientist can be vilified as a misogynist for a self-deprecating joke about his “trouble with girls” in the lab, it’s not unreasonable to worry about being too PC.Milo’s response was to brag that King had validated his report by admitting that he had started to identify as biracial without any evidence, based on a “feeling” and on the acceptance he found from blacks.But Milo left out a highly relevant part of King’s account: his claim that as a child, he was repeatedly told by other children as well as adults in his small-town community that his real father was black.“Liana K,” a “dissident feminist” partially sympathetic to Gamer Gate with whom Milo had had a notorious Twitter spat in the early days of the hashtag.The last straw for me, finally, was Milo’s new role as a cheerleader for the alt-right a few months later.

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And finally, this is not just about Milo; it’s about how to oppose the cultural left and “political correctness.”I got to know Milo through Gamer Gate, the anti-PC revolt in the videogame community; we both covered it sympathetically, saw each other in person at the first Gamer Gate meetup in May 2015, and were both on a Gamer Gate panel at a Society of Professional Journalists conference later that year.