Orchid dating

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Orchid dating

When applied topically, the berry rejuvenates, moisturizes, and helps firm skin.View All Amla Berry These granules are prepared from crushed apricot shells and act as gentle exfoliants in body and face scrubs, sloughing off tired skin to reveal a glowing and revitalized complexion.Extracted through both bark and leaves, its essential oil lends a warm, woody note with a spicy-sweet complexity.View All Cinnamon Though not as common as the lemon, lime or orange, the citron fruit charms all who encounter it with its zesty, refreshing, lemony scent.View All Cedarwood Extracted by macerating the flowers of the Chinese-native, fragrant flowering tree, Magnolia Biondii is a legendary antioxidant prized in traditional Chinese medicine for its healing powers.

A variety of mandarin orange, aka a seedless tangerine, the easily peeled fruit is strikingly sweet and has a delicate citrus aroma.View All Bergamot Native to northern Europe and Asia, the black currant shrub propagates tart berries that are rich in vitamin C, phytochemicals and antioxidants.Its dark purple fruit is frequently found in jams and juices.Its creator is said to have been inspired by visits to the Arctic Circle and the smell of water at midnight.View All Aldehydes Amaranthus Caudatus goes by common names such as love-lies-bleeding, velvet flower, pendant amaranth, tassel flower, foxtail amaranth, and quilete.

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View All Apricot Kernels A tree that thrives in cold boreal climates, the balsam fir is identified by its needlelike leaves, gray-green bark and cylindrical cones.

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