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Opendating info

These practices reduce the risk of customers unknowingly buying food without looking at the date, only to find out the next day that they cannot use it.Tampering with the posted date is illegal in many countries.

There is no specific law that requires an expiration date, but all Transport Canada approved car seats sold in Canada carry a manufacturer applied expiration date that ranges between 6 and 9 years from date of manufacture.An expiration date or expiry date is a previously determined date after which something should no longer be used, either by operation of law or by exceeding the anticipated shelf life for perishable goods.Expiration dates are applied to selected food products and to some other manufactured products like infant car seats where the age of the product may impact its safe use.Open dating is the use of a date stamped on the package of a food product to help determine how long to display the product for sale.This benefits the consumer by ensuring that the product is of best quality when sold.

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Food kept after the best before date will not necessarily be harmful, but may begin to lose its optimum flavour and texture.

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