Nigerian muslim girls dating site

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Through out my struggling period, no woman sees any future or potentials in me.

(69700 Views) Advice To Muslim Singles / Muslim Singles Matching Service (MSMS) / Muslim Singles, Let Us Have A Talk (1) (2) (3) (4) Greetings, In Islam, certain criteria are looked into when one wants to marry. *Financial status of the person in question.*Deen (religion).

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Exactly this time last year, the bike i use to ply around knocked and i couldnt afford to repair it.

These two qualities are most important when searching for a spouse.

However, beauty and fortune are equally essential but, should not be major yardsticks for spouse's selection.

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when i opened up to the lady that im a teacher, she asked if im willing to look for federal job or other high paying Job, i said NO, cos i knew what i was doing.