Mutatis mutandis safe and predictable dynamic software updating who is lenny henry dating now

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Mutatis mutandis safe and predictable dynamic software updating

A single factory object may include multiple updated objects from a class, and/or new object instances from different classes, and the update may be performed without the need to reboot the operating system.

This invention relates to the field of computer operating systems and particularly to software updates to such operating systems that are loaded and implemented without having to reboot the operating system.

A consistent application program interface (API) allows developers of application software to write code on one computer system and have a high level of confidence that it will run on another computer system using the same operating system, even if the amount of memory, the quantity of storage, or even the computing architecture is different on the two computer systems.

As computing infrastructure becomes more widespread, updates to various software programs have become more common.

In certain networked arrangements, one operating system may manage and be accessed by multiple user stations simultaneously, which is considered within the definition of a single computer system.

The operating system loads itself into memory and begins managing the resources available on the computer.

An operating system is a computer program that is the first piece of software that a computer executes when a computing device is turned on.

Such operating systems provide a good prototyping environment. The Appavoo publication discloses how to swap an individual object instance and discusses other prior art references detailed below.

A dynamic update procedure is then executed, which includes (a) changing a factory reference pointer within the operating system from the old factory object to the new factory object.

For the case of updated object instances, (b) hot swapping each old object instance for its corresponding updated object instance, and (c) removing the old factory object.

This may be performed for multiple updated object instances in the new factory object, preferably each separately.

For the case of new object instances, they are created by the new factory and pointers established to invoke them.

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In a micro-kernel architecture, core operating system functionality can lie on system servers, outside the kernel.

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