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Monterey dating

This species has successfully thrived for more than 11 million years, with its immediate ancestors dating back more than 60 million years.

White sharks use quick bursts of speed to ambush their favorite prey: seals and sea lions.

This is due to their large mass and a highly developed heat exchange function in their circulatory system that prevents heat from escaping as blood circulates through their gills and near the body surface.

Monterey Bay is the seasonal home to adult white sharks, which return to California in late summer and early fall after spending months offshore in waters as far west as Hawaii.

These younger sharks are making the transition from a juvenile diet of skates, rays and schooling fishes to the marine mammals, like seals, that are the main food of adult white sharks.

Despite popular perceptions of sharks as invincible, shark populations around the world are declining because of overfishing, habitat destruction and other human activities.

The rifle, was expensive and the US Army was slow to adopt it .

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White sharks have an array of keen senses—including organs that can detect the faint electrical fields given off by the bodies of potential prey.

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