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One victim, Davinia Douglass, was given a mask to protect her face by medics.She was then guided across the road by Mr Dadge – which was when this haunting photograph was taken.: She saved the lives of two critically injured victims at Aldgate.His wife June, 63, collapsed in tears as her husband talked about their daughter’s final moments. Fifty-two people were murdered – but we have been shafted from pillar to post from day one.’ Lady Justice Heather Hallett, above, heard evidence from 309 witnesses.

Three groups of firemen were criticised for loitering in Aldgate station.

«Es ist eine gute Sache, und so wird es in einem Herznotfall möglich, Leben zu retten», begründet er die Anschaffung seiner Familie.

Someone tagged me on this Facebook question radio personality, Michael Baisden posed…When I read it I almost couldn’t believe the question. I responded briefly because there were about 18,000 various responses, and from what I saw, a lot were like, “Yeah! I’m glad to see there’s more discussions on this, and that more black women are FINALLY opening their minds to how many options they truly have.

The emergency services took over an hour to get there, but we don’t know the full facts.

We will never know if they could have been saved.’ Some emergency workers refused to go into bomb sites until London Underground staff confirmed they had switched off the electricity in the tracks, despite an exasperated police officer standing on the ‘live’ rail to prove it was safe.

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The coroner said that she was ‘struck dumb’ by his valiant efforts.: One of the best known images of the atrocity was of Mr Dadge helping a burned woman.

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