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And he'd been too tired even to do that for the last five days. Kyle was surprised to feel the soft, cool skin of mom's thigh under his fingers, because his hand was high on her leg. He couldn't complain, though; if mom didn't mind it, he didn't either. Laziness and beer had taken a toll on his once-muscular physique. It seemed wrong to remain sitting on Kyle while feeling him in this way, but it would be embarrassing to call attention to it. After a moment's indecision, Maddy decided to remain where she was.

Kyle felt surprise and pleasure at the cool, soft skin of his mom's leg against his own. Her name was Angel, and the irony of her name was that despite her by-the-book police methods, along with her innocent looks and understated beauty, she had a dark, wild, sexual side that she struggled to keep secret from her work colleagues. But lately his routine had involved more than a couple of drinks, and by the time he turned the T. Lately, it seemed like he loved his six-pack more than his wife. " Carl grunted, barely registering Kyle's question through the fog of his growing drunkenness. Meanwhile, Maddy watched the sex unfolding on the T. In the show, Angel had surrendered to her lover's strong, muscled arms.As she swung around the love seat to sit down, Maddy noticed both Kyle and Carl in her line of sight.Kyle looked a lot like his dad, with short, blond hair and a well-defined, strong-featured face.His summer job kept him working long hours and left him tired at the end of the day, and he hadn't had time to date. Maddy scooped it up and spread it over her bare legs and brought it up to her chest. "I'll do it, mom," he said as he got up to turn off the air conditioner. Kyle wasn't really cold, but the room was cool and the idea of sharing the blanket with mom sounded cozy. Suddenly, on the show, a gunshot sounded offscreen. She pulled her hand off Kyle's thigh and grabbed his hand.So far, the only sexual relief he'd gotten all summer had been through jerking off. Here." Carl grabbed a colorful, crocheted throw blanket hanging over the back of his chair, and, hardly looking up from the T. She left a space for him and half a minute later he was back in the same spot on the love seat. They interlocked their fingers and without thinking about what she was doing she pulled his hand back to her until it rested on her thigh. Maddy peered at her husband, again, with disapproval.

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