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In 2011 he received the special "Tomislav Pinter Award" at Avvantura Festival Zadar (Croatia) upon his presence at the filmfestival. About a year later, I read an article in the Tribune that Cambodia was being used as a fugitive haven.

Kevin Dillon is also an actor which created an environment for supporting the acting career of Matt Dillon.So the camera would be rolling, and Bobby [Farrelly] would come up to me and throw a line at me, and then I'd have to get it together and stop laughing, and then do my part again with this new line. I never remember ever working where we'd get done so early in the day.(On making Armored (2009)) It's a pretty good job being an actor, but it's work sometimes. If the director's going to be really committed and excited and determined to make something good, then it's contagious, and the actors jump right on board. They were Americans, Europeans, and Australians who tended to be very secretive about what they were doing, where they were and there was this air of mystery about them; these sorts of people interested me and I found the end of the line kind of thing was something that I wanted to explore. It's hard to find actors you actually deal with, and he deals with you. You learn tolerance and patience when you become famous or you get in a lot of trouble. And if I look at my anger, there's usually fear behind it. Some jobs, while you are making them, you find yourself living the part. I gained a lot and I got a head start in what I wanted to do in life. These people, the guy that's on the run, existed and was not something I came up with because I had seen an old movie.[on working with Gene Hackman on Target (1985)] Gene Hackman's good to work with. A lot of people in their late 20s, early 30s are just beginning to figure out where they want to go. In this way, he went on to play some other films including ‘My Bodyguard’, ‘The Great American Fourth of July and Other Disasters’, etc.Also, in 2002, he made a decision to direct a film named ‘City of ghosts’ followed by his breakout role in the movie ‘Crash’.

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Matt Dillon is an American actor and film director who is immensely popular for his work as an actor in the Film ‘Crash’ for which he was nominated and won various award gaining critically acclaimed from the viewers.

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