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Looking at porn, eye candy in the street or whatever they want but wimpy cuckold loser bitches like you deserve and get JOI sessions to decide how you get to cum.

They will want to watch you in a webcam to webcam session just to ensure you are carrying out all of your instructions properly You see that is all you deserve. And why should she go to all the trouble of keeping your caste, of using tease and denial and orgasm control only to have to undo all the hard work by letting you get some enjoyment?

If you enjoy all things kinky then be sure to keep checking back to read our erotic short stories and kinky cam sessions It is a biological medical fact that men need to cum every so often to release the build-up of cum in their balls.

Real men can get laid or have a wank when they feel like it but for weak, insignificant male slaves under the control of a dominant women they are presenting her with a problem.

However this is a fun and very erotic way of having some kinky fun where some else takes the lead and controls they urge, you lose all control and that can lead to an ultimate orgasm if you get one in the end.

Being the new girl on the block, it seems as though not many of you aren’t very receptive of me. Many of you have messaged me trying to feel me out. It tells them they are doing something right when a slave breaks down in tears at her feet and begs for his JOI session to end as he cant take the frustration anymore If you are a weak-willed, useless male specimen who needs a strong woman to control his orgasms and dish out masturbation instructions, join this site now and have a cruel female direct you in how to masturbate till you don’t know which way is up I should start off here by saying you do not have a choice in that decision this purely up to your new owner and keeper.They decide your fate and they decide if you need proper wanking instructions or not.To feel your cock twitch and shoot your cum out and to feel the satisfying glow of relief at having come. No, you will be made to start wanking again, and again she will direct you on how to do it.Real men get to pleasure themselves any way they please.

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