Mandating coverage

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These interventions should be dialogue-based and directly targeted at the unvaccinated or under-vaccinated populations and the specific populations (e.g., local community, HCW).

The interventions should address the specific determinants underlying vaccine hesitancy.

Education and training of health care workers should be carried out to empower them to address vaccine hesitancy issues in patients and parents.

In addition, vaccine hesitant behaviours within health care workers should be addressed.

Strategies may include: Countries need to take into consideration that in low vaccine uptake situations, where lack of available services is the major factor impairing adequate vaccination coverage, vaccine hesitancy can be present but is not the priority to address and should not be the focus of their resources.

Countries should incorporate a plan to measure and address vaccine hesitancy into their country’s immunization programme as part of good practice, using and validating the compendium of potential vaccine hesitancy survey questions as this facilitates inter-country comparisons.

Addressing vaccine hesitancy requires an understanding of the magnitude and setting of the problem, diagnosis of the root causes, tailored evidence-based strategies to address the causes, monitoring and evaluation to determine the impact of the intervention and whether vaccine acceptance has improved, and ongoing monitoring for possible recurrence of the problem.

Skeeter Miller, owner and president of the County Line barbecue restaurant, said the city’s overreach into private businesses like his own are “disappointing,” particularly when the city gathers no input from businesses like his that will be economically impacted by the mandate.

Microbusinesses, or businesses with five or fewer employees, were not exempted from the approved ordinance, but won’t be required to offer paid sick leave until October 2020.

When addressing vaccine hesitancy, it must be noted that there are many determinants of vaccine hesitancy.

These determinants can be grouped into contextual, individual and group influences and vaccine/vaccination specific issues.

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