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Love spells dating tips

Spells are the provenance of witches, in both literature and history, and usually involve another person that the spell is being cast upon. In truth, anyone can cast a spell without being a witch, and many witches don’t use spells at all.A spell is simply an intention made stronger by ritual and belief." I asked Stang."I would recommend the black vagina," he said, a phrase that will undoubtedly appear on my wedding cake once I marry whoever I have magically convinced to fall in love with me. I also got some sage to "smudge" my apartment, because I hooked up with an ex in this apartment over the summer, and that's how you get rid of the energy, or so they tell me.

After he shared a few options, I chose an easy-sounding one.Spells are very powerful invocations and have karmic repercussions.I never would cast a spell today, at least not on anyone, and I advise you to do the same. Popular imagery illustrates spells as being cast by either ugly hags or diabolical, busty ladies shrouded in black and usually with a wand, crystal ball, or ornate ancient manuscript close by.For his part, when I looked at the agreement, it was clear he enjoyed having a lovely young lady be infatuated with him and was fine with the attention.On that level, he did accept the energy—although unconsciously—of the spell by encouraging her attention. I’ve had more than one client ruefully admit to this kind of situation to me, and I’ll confess there was a time when I was young and practicing some Wiccan traditions, and I contemplated the Love Spell chapter of my spell book.

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Then take your sugar cubes, soak them in brandy, drink the rest of the brandy (just kidding), set the cubes up so they surround the honey jar, and light them on fire.

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