Linq not updating

Posted by / 29-Feb-2020 23:34

It is not getting passed to the method, so I assume it is using a different context.

Submit Changes() would only see changes for the current context, not the context that get Record(ID) used.

Order ID == 11000 select ord; // Execute the query, and change the column values // you want to change. Ship Via = 2 ' Insert any additional changes to column values.

Linq to SQL doesn't pass through to the database each time you ask for a member.

To give you an overview of what I am executing, I here is a sample: As commented above, the record is successfully obtained with all the data in tact, including the PK field used to identify it.

The database connection user is given the rights to update the table, though here I would expect it to break and complain. Please let me know if I have not provided enough information. Where does get Record(ID) get its context to return a record?

By default, LINQ to SQL translates your actions to SQL and submits the changes to the database.

LINQ to SQL offers maximum flexibility in manipulating and persisting changes that you made to your objects.

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LINQ to SQL is a built-in O/RM (object relational mapper) that ships in the .