Katrina kaif and ranbir kapoor dating again

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Katrina kaif and ranbir kapoor dating again

People now have proof that he is a very trying and testing person.Ranbir has also gestured (to me) to not work on a film together.' The Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif split has dominated much of the entertainment headlines last week.So who (or rather) what led to the sensational split? was as it any one of these factors that led to the break-up? Ranbir and Katrina, two stars who loved each other immensely, split because of Bollywood, the industry and the way it functions! Senior journalist and long-time observer of the happenings in Bollywood, Soumyadipta Bannerjee tells you why…

Kat did just what any girlfriend would have done --- she refused to talk about either Ranbir or .‎In fact, suddenly the duo becomes open to doing films with each other.If you look at cinematic history, you will notice that when actors are in a relationship, they tend to sign movies together, so that they can spend some quality time with each other.Ranbir believed that his pairing with Deepika would benefit his films..In fact, he even admitted in several interviews that he believed the actress is lucky for him. On one hand, he had moved in with Katrina and on the other, he was interacting continuously with his ex because of the film.

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It will never happen again."While Katrina's statement has left many surprised, insiders state that they two have a choc-o-block diary to sign any film together in the future.

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