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Explore the important stories of Air Chief Marshal Sir Hugh Dowding, 'The Few' who took to the air to defend the skies and 'The Many' without whose work on the ground victory would not have been possible and discover how technology, leadership and courage forged victory allowing Britain's darkest hour to also be her Finest Hour.The museum is set back from the main road and occupies the ground floor of the mansion house building.Expect to see lots of heritage, old bank notes and coins, and a chance to lift up a real bar of gold.

The Anaesthesia Heritage Centre contains the Associations archives, the Anaesthesia Museum and a rare book collection and is open to everyone.

Next door is also Bentley Priory Nature Reserve, which is worth a visit.

Former mansion house that once housed a major command centre for the RAF during WW2, now with ground floor and basement converted into museum.

A local museum housed in a Grade I listed 16th-century manor house.

It is named after the House of Bruce who owned the land on which it is built.


You have to book a tour -- you cannot just turn up.

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