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Women have the power of influence, whereas guys have authority. Men are the head of God, and women are the heart of God, so we know that even when authority is set in a place, if I am not influenced to yield to that authority, it doesn’t make a bit of difference.

In the process of understanding why a man is in your life, it is certainly not for him to fill in all the blanks. The person in your life is going to make you grow and is going to stretch you beyond where you are.

I have divided the Q&A into three categories: reality check, reaping a good harvest, and the value of a man.

Now, don't be like most women I know and skip to the man part: You need to get the whole picture.

We have this habit of letting ourselves go because there is no one looking at the time. You can’t wait until the man shows up and then run to Bally’s and try to get it all off.

So sowing into yourself in the area of taking good care of yourself, watching what you eat, cultivating the woman God created you to be so that you are always operating at your best. Sowing is about reaping a harvest that glorifies God. Sow into your life financially, saving money, tithing, placing a value on spiritual things, not being moved by emotionalism but really making rational decisions about how you want to sow into the kingdom of God. They might go to another place inside your heart, based on their schedules and yours, but you should always have good touch points.

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At one point, you had to do that yourself because there is a point where you are like, When did it hit you? I would say my friends all had interventions with me! And somehow the windfall is that you also get blessed in the process.

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