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Intj dating infj

If you pry too much into INTJs’ personal lives, they may become defensive or withdraw.

Only under the right circumstances, and with someone they trust, will INTJs show a glimpse of their inner emotional world — if at all! INFJs believe opinions should be kept private, whereas INTJs thrive on spirited debate.

The INTJ’s feeling function is introverted, so they generally feel uncomfortable talking about their emotions — or listening to others talk about theirs.

Unlike INFJs, who enjoy conversations of a personal nature, INTJs tend to stick to more “objective” topics, like current events, politics, science, or history.

Without an outlet for their emotions, INFJs will have a hard time making sense of them.

They may feel “plugged up,” directionless, and unhappy.

”For example, let’s say an INTJ and INFJ are planning a road trip.(Exceptions would be when an INFJ is in like-minded company or feels very passionate about righting a moral wrong.) If a discussion becomes heated, INFJs may try to ease the tension or remove themselves from the conversation entirely.The opposite is true for INTJs, because they “extrovert” their thinking function.In order from most dominant to least dominant, the INFJ’s cognitive functions are: INFJs and INTJs share the same functions, except their feeling and thinking functions are reversed. Perhaps because they absorb the emotions of the people around them, they strive to keep morale high and “the feels” positive. ”At their best, INFJs are compassionate, sensitive leaders who put the needs of the group first.They generally consider how their decisions will impact other people, taking into account personal needs and preferences. At their worst, INFJs are people-pleasing martyrs who burn out quickly and sacrifice their own happiness.

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Because the INFJ’s thinking function is introverted, they generally believe that personal values and opinions should be kept private.